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High Eroticism

Solo Show


Alice Shpiller

I'm presenting the new show "Elements" in my own style.

What is it about?

5 different performances, 5 beautiful pictures of true femininity.

It's not about the girl who is stripping because she couldn't find another job. It is about the woman, who wants to get naked. It is not about making jokes, it is not about men's pleasures. It is  about the art. It is the living Botticelli's picture.


I want you to think of erotic performances as you never did before. When the human's body is a canvas. My style is not about getting sexually deranged and make people feel this. My style is about bringing high-vibrated atmosphere. To make everyone feel like they are in the museum and able to experience the greatest form of art. This is my goal.   

I am becoming the ambassador of Hight Ertoicism genre with my "Elements" show, which includes 5 acts:

Air, Fire, Earth, Water and Aether.

Each costume is couture, music and sounds perfect fit.

Duration of each act goes from 4 minutes up to 7.

Can be splitted for 2 days (If we are talking about tours).

Perfect for: strip clubs, museums and art places; solo-shows in topflight restaurants&clubs.

Not compatible with: bars & houses with underground entourage and without  lightening.

Who am I?

My name is Alice Shpiller and I live in Moscow. I formed my troupe "Shpiller Cabaret" - the first neo-cabaret troupe in Russia with weekly shows in the heart of Moscow in 2017. I staged a bunch of acts - groups and solos; wrote scripts and directed the whole shows. We had more than 20 (!!!) absolutely different shows in 2017 and we played most of them twice, so we released about 40 shows total in 2017.


Also I am frontwoman in "Snoop&Moggy" band, I write lyrics and vocal parts.

Shows in Moscow I take part in as the performer and as the producer now:

- "Les fleurs de folie" (live band+burlesque)

-  Cabaret Show "Cinematographie" (classic burlesque show)

-  Once-only parties and shows (I love to create something new and unique that exists only one evening)

I have the title "Most Innovative" ( World Festival of burlesque in Moscow in 2015), and won the main crown and got the title "Queen of burlesque" at the same festival in 2016.

You can read more here.

Rider for "the Elements" show:

- for the "Aether" act: possibility to plug in the round lamp which I use on stage. The lenght of my wire is approximately 2 metres.

- for all the acts: person who sets up the stage and cleans it after and bring my stuff back.

- backstage: If the room is not spacious enough and there is no place to prepare all the costumes before the show starts, the entrance on stage each time may vary. If it is spaceous enough and there are chairs and hangers  I need no more than 20 minutes to get changed.  

Options available

what can I also offer to make the evening and the night unforgettable?


lounge, sexy jazz and pop

one or two 20-30 minutes sets. It is good for creating relaxed atmosphere.

for clubs

dance improvisations in lingerie

great solution for night clubs! The best way to make the audience understand that show is not over, party goes on!

guests meet

Meet and chat.

When you meet  someone who is beautifully dressed and loves to see you and  listen to you  - no need to go somewhere else!

You can always ask me how to make your party better. Choosing the work with me you choose help and cooperation. I am very happy to get involved in beautiful worlds that people create! Let's make this world beautiful together.

BIG THANKS for the idea that unites all my acts to:



Photo credits:

background photo - Mila Zhdanova

photo in the polygon - www.marymo.ru

photo with the rider and background photo in the additional options - Gevorg Arutyunyan, event by Charlie Bantik Production  instagram.com/love_the_show

photos in the  boxes marked as "options":   Sochi hotels; Ellina Baytseva; Alexander Mazurkin

photo in the circle: instagram.com/parusfotoofficial

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